It is time to
feel strong 

Kick-Start your Cancer Recovery
with evidence backed mind-body therapeutics

Yoga. Meditation. Cognitive Science.

Developed with Experts and Research from:

UCSF Health
John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Harvard Medical School
Stanford Medicine

How Does It Work?

Our Pathways reduce:
  • Side-effects of radiation, chemotherapy & surgery
  • Nervous system damage
  • Pain & Fatigue
  • Appetite & Nausea
  • Sleeplessness

Mind-Body Therapeutics:
Trusted for 5000 years, now recognized by Nobel laureates.
Now powering your Cancer Recovery!
Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, showed how meditation fights disease even at the genetic level

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How Do We Do It?

As Scientific as therapeutic care. As Personalized as human care. As Easy as TV - just 30 mins.
Real-time Personalization - combining science & sentiment.
Guided Therapeutic Yoga
Meditation and Breathing skills
Mentorship of a human mind-body expert

Who Are We?

Never before combination of top Scientists, Technologists, Yogic Masters – inspired by real humans like you!

Dr. Rahul Shidaye

MD, MHS (John Hopkins University, USA), PhD in Medicine (Maastricht University, Netherlands)

Our Chief Scientific Officer is a world renowned expert in translating scientific evidence into real world therapeutics. He has published 71 international peer-reviewed papers with 2183 citations.

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Our Scientific Leaders are Global Pioneers – neuroscientists and medical professors - who have written the first textbooks in mind-body science.

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